Dylan James Heuring. My beautiful boy 4-13-1991 to 10-12-2021

My son. Beautiful soul. I long to hear your voice again; “Hey Mom.” My heart leapt with joy every moment that I had with you.

Surely we have known each other forever choosing these lives as we did. Didn’t we just love being together? Your journey just moved on ahead of mine. I must have more healing to do here, but I’ll be along right shortly. 

That wasn’t you I saw that day, cold, hard and empty. You’re gone far away somewhere. If only I knew because I’d find some way to get there.

You must be racing through the stars by now. I am the luckiest soul to have had you journeying next to me but fly now, fly son. There’s no need for you to remain here. You’re spreading love through the heavens now.

With pride bursting inside of me I see how many others love you and knowing how fiercely that you love them too they now hold a piece of you. How rich you must be when reaching Heaven.

Love goes with you now sweet son of mine and you know I’ll be seeing you. 

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