Life and second chances

I’ve been dreaming of the ocean lately. I see the sea misses me. Given a second chance at life has gifted me with new insight and new perspectives. The energy of the universe waits for us, knowing that life is just a lesson in time. Ask for understanding and it comes to you. I asked to remember my dreams and I walk through them now and take their memory into my waking life. There they have helped me to work through what I like to call my; ‘Dark Days.’

Doubt will always come and almost in jest I asked for a miracle. You know our spirit guides will listen. They are always listening. The Ocean. You see I have really been missing her and there he was to take my hand saying come with me. And. Of a sudden I was standing in the energy of the ocean. We were the energy of she. The rolling, the wet, the massiveness, the taste, the waves crashing all around, was me. I’ve been carrying the memory of that dream around for days now. Almost dumbfounded by the miracle of it. Can you imagine being an Ocean? Being the sea?

I can.

I am the sea   photo РNikos Bantouvakis

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